Add a nodejs build system to Sublime Text

To run nodejs scripts directly in Sublime Text, you need to add a new build system by going to Tools > Build System > New Build System... from the Sublime Text menu.

This would open a new file untitled.sublime-build with the contents

	"shell_cmd": "make"

You now need to change this to

	"cmd": ["node", "$file"],
	"selector": "source.js"

The first line tells Sublime Text to run the node command on the current file and the second line instructs Sublime Text to automatically associate this build system with all .js files.

One thing you need to make sure here is that the node command should be loaded in your PATH variable.

Save this file as nodejs.sublime-build in the user packages folder and then you can see your new build system at Tools > Build System > nodejs from the menu.

Now the next time you’re working on a new nodejs script, just press ctrl+shift+b to run the script directly in Sublime Text!

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